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The exchange or return request is made within 10 business days from the date of delivery.

If there is an issue with product, please contact us.


All braces returned for improper size or fit  must be in new condition with the original product inserts and packaging.

Returns must be received by DDME within 10 days of your request.

Braces may be tried on for sizing and fit, but must be not unused.


Please ensure you follow this policy for prompt resolution.

If these conditions are not met, DDME may refuse your shipment; you will be notified, and the product may be returned to you at your expense.

All  Braces are guaranteed against any defect in materials or workmanship unless altered or laundered incorrectly.

Only products that have not been worn past the fitting or sizing stage, have not been customized and are in their original packaging will be accepted for return or exchanged.

Defective exchanges or returns must be received by DDME within 10 business days.


Usage and Care for the Brace
Keep brace clean by wiping with a damp sponge.

Close all straps before washing

Place the brace in a net bag

Machine  wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature

Allow to air dry

DO NOT add bleach

DO NOT dry in dryer or wash in a dishwasher

Wear brace as directed by physician.

Brace should be applied before getting out of bed unless instructed otherwise.

Weight changes will affect brace fit.

Keep brace clean by wiping with a damp sponge.

Braces are most comfortable and effective when worn snugly.

Fasten the straps..

Re-tighten straps throughout the day to maintain proper snugness.

Any frayed or torn straps, loose padding or hardware should be repaired immediately.



An owner’s manual with manufacturer’s warranty information will be provided to beneficiaries for all durable medical equipment where this manual is available. Please keep this manual for  future reference.

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